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wow i have gotten so much done this week. ive bought my dress. ive picked out my cake. ive bought: my guestbook and pen, my centerpieces, my pew decorations, my bridesmaid gifts, josh's shirt and shoes, bubbles for the wedding. ive mailed out all the invitations. ive formed my rsvp list. ive halfway planned the honeymoon. ive gotten the music. ive decided how i want my hair. weve gotten my sisters dress and my moms dress. OHH AND I GOT MY BOUQUETS. everything is coming together so well. joshs parents are planning the reception for me. alesha and i are going shopping for bridesmaids dresses and my SHOES on thursday. and ive got two bridal showers coming up. im so excited about this...

i still have to get gift boxes, the knife set, a veil, shoes, cameras, and a wedding present for josh.
WE OPENED A JOINT BANK AND SAVINGS ACCOUNT TODAY. its like im really getting married. wow.

jess when do you think youll be coming up? and are you coming alone? if you do we could have a sleepover!!! wouldnt that be fun?
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