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im having a mini wedding catastrophe. ok not really. just a huge…

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im having a mini wedding catastrophe. ok not really. just a huge delimma. im trying to place my order for boutonnieres and corsages. josh is getting rose with filler in red (cause my bouquet is red). both dads are getting two rose with no filler in white. the groomsman is getting a single white no filler. so what color do i get the moms?!? red or white?!?! i think red would be prettier and stand out more. but josh and i are the only ones with red... my bridesmaids have whie bouquets, thats why the groomsman do. and joshs dad is a groomsman so his is white, so i want him to match my dad, so my dads is white. so what color does that make my mom? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh kill me now. never in my life did i think it would matter what freaking color flower i have to buy.

in other news... my wedding dress came in yesterday. im going to pick it up tomorrow! YAY!
also, im going to get my marriage licence tomorrow morning. then im going shopping for something to wear to my bridal showers. should i wear white and red? or any color? does it matter? OMG this is too much!
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