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ok id like to broach a subject that is sure to be looked down upon by the general population.

Brittney Spears is not an awful mother.

OK so maybe she's not the worlds best or the ideal mom or anything but it could be so much worse. how many moms havent almost dropped their child? i know for a fact both me and my sister were dropped (yes explains a lot, i know, but so were you!) and yeah his carseat was in backwards, but seriously, no one said she was the brightest. honest mistake. and she was trying to get the baby away from what she saw as a harmful situation. what mother wouldnt put the baby in their lap for a quick getaway. at least she is with the baby. she hasnt pawned him off permanently to some nanny. shes always seen with him. thats a lot more than can be said for most hollywood moms. i think shes doing fine and i really wish TV people would stop criticizing her for her motherhood. theres so much other material to discuss about her. like her white trashiness. leave the baby part alone.

besides if anyone is the bad parent, its gotta be kevin. have you EVER seen a pic of him with the baby? does he LOOK like a good, responsible parent to you? uh no.
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On June 4th, 2006 04:13 am (UTC), stupidkindalove commented:
yeah he's definitely nasty. britney is a good mom it seems, and people are constantly putting her down. it's like the public is watching her every move waiting for her to screw up lol.
she should leave kevin, he ruined her career!
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On July 3rd, 2006 02:14 am (UTC), stupidkindalove commented:
amber what is your phone number?? i need to call you!
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