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and its all right, ill be fine, dont worry about this heart of mine,…

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and its all right, ill be fine, dont worry about this heart of mine, just take your love and hit the road. theres nothing you can do or say youre gonna break my heart anyway, just leave the pieces when you go.

so news flash...

im getting married in 2 weeks and three days. if you want the hours and minutes youll have to talk to josh. he knows. isnt that sweet? or freaky. either way. i am so so so excited. i still havent gotten shoes, but dont worry, i found them. i just need to go buy them.

omg best news ever-- josh's parents paid for us to move to Autumn Woods on Bethel road. they didnt like the apartment we got, so they paid for us to get out of our 5 day old lease, and change the electricity over, and put the deposits, etc., on our new one. PLUS they are paying the difference in the two rents (about 200 dollars) every single month until we graduate from college or move somewhere else that they approve of lol. how freakin awesome is that?

im meeting with the caterers and stuff at the church tomorrow to make final preparations. can you really believe i am getting married? like none of my friends are married. NONE. i am the first. wow. and no one else is with anyone as old as josh, not that hes old. dang. this cannot be my life. i am so excited!
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On July 12th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC), stupidkindalove commented:
why didn't you ever call me back?! i left like two text messages, wench! i'm afraid im going to look ugly in my dress compared to your friend! :\
but i am excited!
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On July 14th, 2006 07:22 pm (UTC), secret_entity replied:
you arent gonna look ugly. youll look beautiful. i love alesha but no one said she was beautiful. we are all just plain ole average. so dont worry about that at all. i didnt call back because i was with my inlaws all night and didnt have my phone with me. i did call you yesterday though. we moved out of our old apartment and into a new one on bethel road. his parents paid for everything, breaking the lease and the new one, and they are giving us money every month to help pay for the new apartment. its so freakin awesome. youll have to come see it when you are down here. anyways, if you get this tonight, call me, i should be around, and if you cant tonight, i work 8-4:30 sat and sun. so just give me a call. this wedding is so so soon! i cant wait to see you!
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