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ive never denied that i am a conservative and will vote for…

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ive never denied that i am a conservative and will vote for mccain/palin in november. thats not what this is about.
im tired of the politics (that i love so much) and im tired of campaign ads (from both parties). what i want to know is this. who is going to represent me. not some financial institution. not some minority. me. a young married woman with a lot of debt just trying to get by. both candidates have millions. i just dont see why someone needs to be a millionaire to be president. i want a president that knows hardships AS AN ADULT. i want a president that knows what its like to sit with bills in one hand, a calculator on the table and a checkbook register that reads 0000. i want a president that knows that paying this much for gas is killing me. dont tell me obama understands me. dont tell me mccain can fix it. news flash. NEITHER OF THEM CAN. they just passed a 700 billion dollar bailout and the stocks have plunged nearly 1000 points in two days AFTER it passed. yeah that was the answer. i want someone who will go in to the white house and fire everyone (ok, you can keep the servants, but the rest has gotta go.) i want a 100% new congress, a 100% new cabinet, a 100% new washington d.c. come on give me a break. obama has no experience. a community orgainizer, whatever. mccain, the maverick, has been in washington for 25 years. shouldnt he have changed it by now? this is just ridiculous.

January 20, 2009. We're Screwed.
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On October 9th, 2008 02:10 am (UTC), stupidkindalove commented:
i'm excited for january 20th!!
but i get what you're talking about.
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On October 9th, 2008 03:19 am (UTC), secret_entity replied:
yeah im excited about it, for the most part. i just think neither of them is the right choice for us. either way though, they are both millionaires, and reguardless of the ads, neither of them are in touch with average americans.
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