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For Me It's You

When you've only got a hundred years to live

20 December 1985
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im 22, married to the love of my life, extremly happy, with a brand new living room! life IS good.
3 doors down, all-girl-chick-flick-movie-day, amaretto sours, amber waves of grain, anne of green gables, arabs, asheville, babies!, books, brand new, brokeback mountain, cala lilies, california, candles at night, cell phones, cheap wine, christmas, coffee, comedies, country, crafts!, curious george, curt- my hero, delilah, desperate housewives, diamonds, disco ball purses, dreaming, edwin mccain, eve 6, fever pitch, fiona, flip flops, foreigners, fresh cut flowers, george w. bush, gone with the wind, graduating, growing up--finally, handbags, highlights, hootie and the blowfish, independence, indiana jones legos, jeffery dean morgan, john mayer, joshua paul jackson, judging amy, lamps, late night conversations, love songs, love stories, mark twain, money, monkeys in trees, my one true love, new friends, new furniture, nickelback, no school, off days, old friends, one tree hill, optimism, p.s. i love you, painting, pajamas, patience, pearls, pens, people who speak mexican, planners, presidential debates, purses, red sox, republicans, road trips, ruby tuesday, sangria, scarlett, seeing my family, shoes, shrek green, sick days, sleepovers, star wars legos, straight c's!, summer vacations, sunglasses, super hot james franco, swimming, target, tax returns, teaching, the apprentice, the bronte sisters, the city, the goo goo dolls, the good ole days, the notebook, the other sister, the verve, theory of a deadman, tim mcgraw, toby keith, train, trapt, traveling, true love, vacations, vault, walk or ride!!, walk the line, water people, weekends, wishful thinking, world series, wow, yellow